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Jul 25, 2017

Press Release

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 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Core Civic, a private prison facility in Torrance County New Mexico issued a 60 day warn letter effective July 24, 2017, announcing the closure of the Torrance County Prison Facility, laying off over 200 employees in the community of Estancia, NM. 


The Torrance County prison facility currently houses 580 prisoners, the majority of these inmates are under federal contract and 50-75 are local county inmates.  Core Civic could not state where the federal inmates will be relocated, indicating that their future home is the US Marshalls decision.  Core Civic has 60 days to find an additional 300 state or federal inmates in order to divert this closure. 


This closure has a negative impact of close to $700,000.00 to the Town of Estancia annually and roughly $300,000.00 in loss of taxes for Torrance County.  This closure also creates a negative impact to the Torrance County sheriff’s office, as they will need to find funding to house their inmates in other facilities throughout the state.


A rapid response team made up of representatives from Senator Udall and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan-Grisham office, NM Representative McQueen, NM Dept. of Workforce Solutions, State EDD, Mayor Chavez of Estancia, Torrance County officials met with Core Civic to understand the details of the closure and any opportunities for diversion of this closure.  A team of elected officials and community leaders have organized in an effort to assist Core Civic in obtaining other possibilities for inmate contracts at the state and federal levels.


Mayor Chavez has stated Core Civic has been a great partner within the community of Estancia and the whole Estancia Valley.

Contact: Mayor Sylvia Chavez, Mayor of Estancia NM, 505-705-0044

Belinda Garland, Torrance County Manager, 505-544-4702

Torrance County Sheriff Heath White, 505-544-4900