County Manager

The office of the county manager exists for the purpose of bringing alignment of effort and continuity to the affairs of Torrance County government. Open communication with the public and with local, state, and Federal agencies is essential to our success.

The County Manager is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to implement Board decisions. The County Manager operates directly under the Board of County Commissioners, serving the legislative function of the Board by providing research, information, and recommendations, and serving the executive function of the Board by providing management assistance.

The County Manager's Office is responsible for monitoring and administering the county budget which includes an individual departmental review of proposed, and then throughout the fiscal year, ongoing expenditures. In addition, the office is responsible for providing the Board with the information they need for making decisions, representing the County in intergovernmental relationships, coordinating the work of all County departments, resolving interdepartmental problems, and coordinating the overall administration of County government.

We are committed to instilling through action and demonstrating by example, a feeling of pride in the performance of our duties and a willingness to serve the public, our "customers." We are dedicated to supporting our elected and appointed officials in meeting the needs of the public, enabling the organization to deliver the greatest level of quality programs and services while controlling the financial burden to our residents.


  • Gathers and maintains comprehensive information about county resources and needs.
  • Evaluates the performance of services providing a valuable research instrument to the legislative body.
  • Coordinates the administration of all units of County Government in accordance with policies established by the County Commission.
  • Recommends County policy issues to the County Commission for their consideration.
  • Oversees the physical property of the County in administering the property maintenance and management.
  • Regularly attends all meetings of the County and its committees.
  • Maintains liaison and represents the Commission in contacts with political subdivisions, state and federal officials and agencies.
  • Reviews, evaluates and makes recommendations for increasing efficiency in County Government.
  • Responsible for the coordination of the County's risk management functions.
  • Supervises and administers the central services of County Government used by all County Departments.
  • Reports annually to the County Commission regarding the activities of the several departments and administrative units of the County concerning their administration and performance.
  • Administration and Oversight of County's Personnel Policy



Department Oversight: Animal Shelter, Dispatch, DWI, Emergency Management, Finance, Fire Marshal,Human Resources, I.T., Maintenance, Planning & Zoning & Road Department


Belinda Garland - County Manager -  Email
Annette Ortiz - Deputy County Manager - Email
Kristin Oliver, Human Resources Director - Email


Torrance County Manager's Office
205 9th Street
Estancia New Mexico, 87016

Phone: (505) 544-4700
Fax: (505) 384-5294

Important Department Downloads

pdf-fileDraft Road Policy 2015.pdf3.768 KB
pdf-fileRequest to be placed on the Commission Agenda.pdf187 KB
pdf-fileRoad Policy 2015_Final_Approved.pdf543 KB
pdf-fileSpecial Meeting EVSWA Joint 5.20.15.pdf79 KB
pdf-fileState of NM Office of the State Auditor Torrance County Examination Report from January 1 2007 through April 30 2012.pdf5.821 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County Animal Control Ordinance.pdf665 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County NM Response to the NM State Auditors Examination Report From January 1 2007 through April 30 2012.pdf2.182 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County Zone Map Draft 10132009.pdf953 KB