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County Manager

Mission Statement

Support and implement Board of County Commissioners (BCC) policies and priorities, provide organizational direction and leadership, coordinate strategic and regional planning efforts, and foster efficient and effective management of County workforce and activities.

What We Do

Janice Y. Barela, County Manager was appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to implement Board decisions. The County Manager operates directly under the BCC, serving the legislative function of the Board by providing research, information, and recommendations, and serving the executive function of the Board by providing management assistance.

The County Manager's Office is responsible for preparing the County budget, providing the BCC with the information they need for making decisions, implementing transparency measures, representing the County in intergovernmental relationships, coordinating the work of all County departments, resolving interdepartmental problems, and coordinating the overall administration of County government.

Department Oversight

911 DispatchAnimal Services, Community Monitoring, DWI Program, Domestic Violence Program, Emergency Management, Facilities Management, Finance Department, Fire Department, Grant Department, Human Resources, Information Technology, Planning & Zoning, Purchasing Department, Risk Management, Rural Addressing and Road Department.

IPRA: Inspection of Public Records Act

IPRA requests may be completed online, sent via email to, or via U.S. Mail to the attention of the Records Custodian PO Box 48, Estancia, NM 87016. Forms can be found in the Quicklinks box above.

Pursuant to the NM Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA), every person has the right to inspect the public records of Torrance County. The Act also makes compliance with requests to inspect public records an integral part of the routine duties of the officers and employees of Torrance County as it is the responsibility of the county to make public records available for inspection.

A person desiring to inspect the County's public records may submit a request to Torrance County with the person's name, address, email address and telephone number. The request must also describe the records sought with reasonable particularity to enable the County's Records Custodian to identify and locate the requested records. 

The Records Custodian must permit inspection immediately or as soon as practicable, but no later than fifteen (15) calendar days after the Records Custodian receives the IPRA request. If inspection is not permitted within three (3) business days, the person making the request will receive a written response explaining when the records will be available for inspection or when the public body will respond to the request. 

If the IPRA request is excessively burdensome or broad, an additional reasonable period of time shall be allowed to comply with the request. The Records Custodian shall provide written notification to the requester within 15 days of receipt of the request that additional time will be needed to respond to the request.  


  • Be as specific as possible regarding the records you are seeking and include as much information as possible, i.e. the date or date range, case or report numbers, property address, etc.
  • If you have a request for TCSO or Emergency Services, please include the incident/accident location, date and case or CAD number in your request. 
  • For marriage licenses, surveys and deeds, please go to the Clerk's homepage at: Torrance County Clerk

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Torrance County Manager
205 S Ninth Street
Estancia, New Mexico 87016

Monday - Thursday
7:30am to 5:30pm MST

Phone: (505) 544-4700
Fax: (505) 384-5294


Janice Y. Barela
County Manager
(505) 544-4703


Tracy L. Sedillo
Deputy County Manager
(505) 544-4702


Executive Assistant
(505) 544-4701


Deminica Garcia
Records Custodian
IPRA Requests:

Deborah Romero
Administrative Assistant




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