County Commission

Three Commissioners elected from representative districts oversee Torrance County government. The County Commission is responsible for:

  • County government budget -- Approximately $13 million
  • County ordinances & resolutions (local laws)
  • Zoning & business regulation in the unincorporated areas
  • Setting policies for the operation of County government
  • Appointing individuals to various boards and committees

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Jim Frost (2015 - 2018) - Commissioner District 1 - Email
(505) 934-2942

Julia DuCharme (2015 - 2018) - Commissioner District 2 - Email
(505) 920-0817

Javier Sanchez (2017 - 2020) - Commissioner District 3 - - Email
(505) 400-3192


County Commission Districts - Click Here

Torrance County School Districts - Click Here

Torrance County Commission
205 9th Street
Estancia New Mexico, 87016

Phone: (505) 544-4700
Fax: (505) 384-5294

Jim Frost

Julia DuCharme

Javier Sanchez

Important Department Downloads

pdf-file07.27.16.pdf117 KB
pdf-file10.5.16.pdf88 KB
pdf-file2014.12.22 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf110 KB
pdf-file2015 12 09 Commission Meeting Agenda (1).pdf171 KB
pdf-file2015 12 09 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf171 KB
pdf-file2015.01.14 Commission Agenda.pdf139 KB
pdf-file2015.01.14 Final Minutes.pdf1.426 KB
pdf-file2015.01.19 Commission Agenda Special Meeting.pdf71 KB
pdf-file2015.01.19 Final Minutes.pdf181 KB
pdf-file2015.01.28 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2015.01.28 Final Minutes.pdf1.150 KB
pdf-file2015.02.11 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2015.02.11 Final Minutes.pdf1.410 KB
pdf-file2015.02.25 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file2015.02.25 Final Minutes.pdf1.228 KB
pdf-file2015.03.11 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2015.03.11 Final Minutes.pdf944 KB
pdf-file2015.03.15 Emergency Meeting 3 15 15.pdf165 KB
pdf-file2015.03.15 Final Minutes.pdf179 KB
pdf-file2015.03.18 Final Mintues.pdf1.584 KB
pdf-file2015.03.18 Special Meeting.pdf95 KB
pdf-file2015.03.25 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf110 KB
pdf-file2015.03.25 Final Minutes.pdf196 KB
pdf-file2015.04.08 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2015.04.08 Final Minutes.pdf2.272 KB
pdf-file2015.04.22 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2015.04.22 Minutes.pdf957 KB
pdf-file2015.05.13 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file2015.05.13 Final Minutes.pdf1.386 KB
pdf-file2015.05.27 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf111 KB
pdf-file2015.05.27 Final Minutes.pdf595 KB
pdf-file2015.06.10 Commission Meeting Agenda (1).pdf117 KB
pdf-file2015.06.10 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf117 KB
pdf-file2015.06.10 Final Minutes.pdf1.364 KB
pdf-file2015.06.24 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2015.06.24 Final Minures.pdf1.062 KB
pdf-file2015.06.25 Final Minutes.pdf298 KB
pdf-file2015.06.25 Special Meeting (1).pdf97 KB
pdf-file2015.06.25 Special Meeting.pdf97 KB
pdf-file2015.07.08 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2015.07.08 Final Minutes.pdf1.819 KB
pdf-file2015.07.13 Final Minutes.pdf311 KB
pdf-file2015.07.13 Special Meeting.pdf97 KB
pdf-file2015.07.22 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2015.07.22 Final MInutes.pdf952 KB
pdf-file2015.07.29 Special Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf98 KB
pdf-file2015.08.12 Final Minutes.pdf1.288 KB
pdf-file2015.08.26 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2015.08.26 Final MInutes.pdf1.167 KB
pdf-file2015.09.09 Commission Meeting Agenda (1).pdf139 KB
pdf-file2015.09.09 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf139 KB
pdf-file2015.09.23 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf108 KB
pdf-file2015.09.23 Final Minutes (1).pdf796 KB
pdf-file2015.09.23 Final Minutes.pdf796 KB
pdf-file2015.10.14 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2015.10.14 Final Minutes.pdf1.152 KB
pdf-file2015.10.28 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file2015.10.28 Final Minutes.pdf1.423 KB
pdf-file2015.11.09 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file2015.11.09 Final Minutes.pdf1.386 KB
pdf-file2015.11.25 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf111 KB
pdf-file2015.11.25Final Commission Minutes.pdf519 KB
pdf-file2015.12.09Final Commission Minutes.pdf550 KB
pdf-file2015.12.23 Commission Meeting Agenda (1).pdf167 KB
pdf-file2015.12.23 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf167 KB
pdf-file2015.12.23 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.033 KB
pdf-file2016 Torrance County Fair Book.pdf521 KB
pdf-file2016.01.13 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2016.01.13Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.345 KB
pdf-file2016.01.14 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf849 KB
pdf-file2016.01.14 Special Meeting.pdf95 KB
pdf-file2016.01.27 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf108 KB
pdf-file2016.01.27 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.509 KB
pdf-file2016.02.10 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf110 KB
pdf-file2016.02.10 Final Commission Minutes.pdf765 KB
pdf-file2016.02.24 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2016.02.24 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.258 KB
pdf-file2016.02.29 Final Special Meeting Minutes.pdf769 KB
pdf-file2016.02.29 Special Meeting.pdf95 KB
pdf-file2016.03.09 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2016.03.09 Final Commission Minutes.pdf2.020 KB
pdf-file2016.03.23 Commission Meeting Agenda (1).pdf113 KB
pdf-file2016.03.23 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2016.03.23 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.384 KB
pdf-file2016.04.13 Final Commission Minutes.pdf2.883 KB
pdf-file2016.04.27 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2016.04.27 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.774 KB
pdf-file2016.05.11 Commission Meeting Agenda .pdf153 KB
pdf-file2016.05.11 Final Commission Minutes.pdf2.319 KB
pdf-file2016.05.25 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2016.05.25 Final Minutes.pdf1.182 KB
pdf-file2016.06.08 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf111 KB
pdf-file2016.06.08 Commission Minutes.pdf1.149 KB
pdf-file2016.06.13 Special Commission Minutes.pdf285 KB
pdf-file2016.06.13 Special Meeting.pdf153 KB
pdf-file2016.06.29.2016 Commission Minutes.pdf1.255 KB
pdf-file2016.07.13 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2016.07.13 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.163 KB
pdf-file2016.07.25 Special Meeting Minutes.pdf610 KB
pdf-file2016.07.25 Special Meeting.pdf94 KB
pdf-file2016.07.27 Regular Meeting Minutes.pdf1.563 KB
pdf-file2016.08.10 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.039 KB
pdf-file2016.08.18 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf152 KB
pdf-file2016.08.18 Special Meeting.pdf95 KB
pdf-file2016.08.24 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf111 KB
pdf-file2016.08.24 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.214 KB
pdf-file2016.09.14 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf110 KB
pdf-file2016.09.14 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf933 KB
pdf-file2016.09.28 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file2016.09.28 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.317 KB
pdf-file2016.10.05 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf171 KB
pdf-file2016.10.12 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf109 KB
pdf-file2016.10.12 Final Commission Meeting Minutes (2).pdf705 KB
pdf-file2016.10.26 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2016.10.26 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.760 KB
pdf-file2016.11.09 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file2016.11.09 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.849 KB
pdf-file2016.11.14 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf723 KB
pdf-file2016.11.14 Special Meeting.pdf94 KB
pdf-file2016.11.23 Commission Meeting Agenda (1).pdf126 KB
pdf-file2016.11.23 Commission Meeting Agenda .pdf126 KB
pdf-file2016.11.23 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.265 KB
pdf-file2016.12.14 Commission Meeting Agenda .pdf153 KB
pdf-file2016.12.14 Commission Meeting Packet.pdf14.450 KB
pdf-file2016.12.14 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf6.365 KB
pdf-file2016.12.28 Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.634 KB
pdf-file2017.01.11 BOCC Meeting Packet.pdf30.235 KB
pdf-file2017.01.11 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf189 KB
pdf-file2017.01.11 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf3.207 KB
pdf-file2017.01.25 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2017.01.25 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.805 KB
pdf-file2017.01.30 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf815 KB
pdf-file2017.01.30 Special Meeting.pdf97 KB
pdf-file2017.02.06 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf482 KB
pdf-file2017.02.06 Special Meeting.pdf96 KB
pdf-file2017.02.08 Commission Meeting Agenda (1).pdf114 KB
pdf-file2017.02.08 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2017.02.08 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.905 KB
pdf-file2017.02.16 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf300 KB
pdf-file2017.02.16 Special Meeting.pdf152 KB
pdf-file2017.02.22 BOCC Commission Packet.pdf18.239 KB
pdf-file2017.02.22 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2017.02.22 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.909 KB
pdf-file2017.03.01 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf121 KB
pdf-file2017.03.01 Special Meeting.pdf96 KB
pdf-file2017.03.08 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2017.03.08 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.779 KB
pdf-file2017.03.10 Final Minutes.pdf913 KB
pdf-file2017.03.10 Special Meeting.pdf97 KB
pdf-file2017.03.13 BOCC Special Meeting.pdf96 KB
pdf-file2017.03.13 Final Minutes.pdf1.019 KB
pdf-file2017.03.20 Final Minutes.pdf1.167 KB
pdf-file2017.03.20 Special Meeting.pdf96 KB
pdf-file2017.03.22 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2017.03.22 Final Minutes.pdf1.595 KB
pdf-file2017.04.12 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf141 KB
pdf-file2017.04.12 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.087 KB
pdf-file2017.04.26 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf111 KB
pdf-file2017.04.26 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.315 KB
pdf-file2017.05.10 Commission Meeting Agenda (Autosaved).pdf116 KB
pdf-file2017.05.10 Commission Meeting.pdf1.681 KB
pdf-file2017.05.24 BOCC Commission Meeting Packet.pdf16.258 KB
pdf-file2017.05.24 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf112 KB
pdf-file2017.05.24 Final Commission Meeting.pdf878 KB
pdf-file2017.06.06 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf571 KB
pdf-file2017.06.06 Special Meeting (1).pdf97 KB
pdf-file2017.06.06 Special Meeting.pdf97 KB
pdf-file2017.06.14 BOCC Commission Agenda Packet .pdf19.386 KB
pdf-file2017.06.14 Commission Meeting Agenda (Autosaved).pdf113 KB
pdf-file2017.06.14 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.167 KB
pdf-file2017.06.28 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf116 KB
pdf-file2017.06.28 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.153 KB
pdf-file2017.07.12 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf117 KB
pdf-file2017.07.12 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.490 KB
pdf-file2017.07.21 Final Special Commission Meeting.pdf1.598 KB
pdf-file2017.07.21 Special Meeting (1).pdf97 KB
pdf-file2017.07.21 Special Meeting.pdf97 KB
pdf-file2017.07.24 Final Special Commission Meeting.pdf1.531 KB
pdf-file2017.07.24 Special Meeting (1).pdf160 KB
pdf-file2017.07.24 Special Meeting.pdf160 KB
pdf-file2017.07.26 BOCC Commission Packet.pdf28.730 KB
pdf-file2017.07.26 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2017.07.26 Final Commission Meeting (1).pdf1.308 KB
pdf-file2017.07.26 Final Commission Meeting.pdf1.308 KB
pdf-file2017.08.09 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2017.08.09 Fianl Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.019 KB
pdf-file2017.08.23 BOCC Commission Packet.pdf42.580 KB
pdf-file2017.08.23 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2017.08.23 Final Commission Meeting (1).pdf3.054 KB
pdf-file2017.08.23 Final Commission Meeting.pdf1.397 KB
pdf-file2017.09.13 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2017.09.27 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2017.09.27 Commission Meeting.pdf1.342 KB
pdf-file2017.09.27 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.463 KB
pdf-file2017.10.11 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2017.10.11 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.355 KB
pdf-file2017.10.25 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf110 KB
pdf-file2017.10.25 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.833 KB
pdf-file2017.11.06 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf732 KB
pdf-file2017.11.06 Special Meeting.pdf95 KB
pdf-file2017.11.08 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf111 KB
pdf-file2017.11.08 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf2.669 KB
pdf-file2017.11.22 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf113 KB
pdf-file2017.11.22 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.017 KB
pdf-file2017.12.13 BOCC Commission Meeting Packet.pdf17.122 KB
pdf-file2017.12.13 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf160 KB
pdf-file2017.12.13 Final Commission Minutes.pdf2.052 KB
pdf-file2017.12.21 Final Commission Minutes.pdf1.116 KB
pdf-file2017.12.21 Special Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf159 KB
pdf-file2018.01.04 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf408 KB
pdf-file2018.01.04 Special Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf114 KB
pdf-file2018.01.10 Commission Meeting Agenda Revised.pdf189 KB
pdf-file2018.01.10 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.141 KB
pdf-file2018.01.24 BOCC Commission Packet.pdf33.583 KB
pdf-file2018.01.24 Commission Meeting Agenda Revised.pdf188 KB
pdf-file2018.01.24 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.498 KB
pdf-file2018.01.31 Final Special Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf437 KB
pdf-file2018.01.31 Special Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf189 KB
pdf-file2018.02.14 BOCC Commission Packet-1.pdf30.585 KB
pdf-file2018.02.14 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf192 KB
pdf-file2018.02.14 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf1.035 KB
pdf-file2018.02.28 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf188 KB
pdf-file2018.02.28 Commission Packet.pdf36.067 KB
pdf-file2018.02.28 Final Commission Meeting Minutes.pdf3.302 KB
pdf-file2018.03.13 Commission Meeting Packet.pdf24.654 KB
pdf-file2018.03.14 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file4.13.16 Commission Meeting Agenda.pdf115 KB
pdf-file6.29.16.pdf114 KB
pdf-file8.10.16.pdf113 KB
pdf-fileAgenda Nov 10th 2015.pdf176 KB
pdf-fileAgenda Oct 13th 2015.pdf173 KB
pdf-fileAgenda Packet Nov. 23, 2016.pdf14.572 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2016.11.09 Commission Packet.pdf31.246 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.01.25 Commission Packet.pdf12.095 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.03.08 Commission Packet.pdf19.199 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.04.12 Commission Packet.pdf13.768 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.04.26 Commission Packet.pdf18.055 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.05.10 Commission Packet.pdf63.352 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.07.12 Commission Packet.pdf24.894 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.08.09 Commission Packet part II Sheriff SOP.pdf25.348 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.08.09 Meeting Packet part III.pdf5.604 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.08.09 Regular Meeting Packet part I.pdf9.557 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.09.13 Commission Packet.pdf45.576 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.09.27 Commission Packet.pdf15.134 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.10.11 Commission Meeting Packet.pdf8.635 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.10.25 Commission Meeting Packet.pdf32.273 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.11.06 Special Commission Meeting.pdf1.976 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.11.08 Commission Packet.pdf17.173 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2017.11.22 Commission Packet.pdf20.462 KB
pdf-fileBOCC 2018.01.10 Commission Meeting Packet-1.pdf8.892 KB
pdf-fileCommission Agenda 8-12-2015.pdf762 KB
pdf-fileCommission Districts.pdf779 KB
pdf-fileCommission Schedule and Holiday Schedule 2015.pdf32 KB
pdf-fileCommunity Health Improvement Plan_Torrance_FY15_10 Jun 15.pdf307 KB
pdf-fileCommunity Health Profile_Torrance_May 2015.pdf975 KB
pdf-fileCounty Commission DRAFT - Torrance County Zoning Ordinance.pdf6.475 KB
pdf-fileCounty Commission DRAFT Table Of Land Uses.pdf1.008 KB
pdf-fileDuCharme Recommended Revisions to 94-12.pdf186 KB
docx-fileJJB Special Meeting Agenda October 2016.docx14 KB
pdf-filePHTC_ResourceDirectory_May2016.pdf567 KB
pdf-fileProclamation Declaring Extreme or Severe Drought Conditions Within Torrance County.pdf258 KB
pdf-fileProposed Road Policy 2015.pdf598 KB
pdf-filePublic Meeting Flyer-7-19-16.pdf253 KB
equest to be placed on the Commission Agenda-fileRequest to be placed on the Commission Agenda187 KB
pdf-fileRFP 2017-02 On Site Fire Apparatus Repairs.pdf3.457 KB
pdf-fileRFP No. 2017-03 Audit Services.pdf400 KB
pdf-fileRoad Policy 2015_Final Draft.pdf606 KB
pdf-fileRoad Policy 2015_Final_Approved.pdf543 KB
pdf-fileSchool Districts.pdf803 KB
pdf-fileSenate District 39 Vacancy -- Torrance County.pdf31 KB
pdf-fileSpecial Meeting EVSWA Joint 5.20.15.pdf79 KB
pdf-fileState of NM Office of the State Auditor Torrance County Examination Report from January 1 2007 through April 30 2012.pdf5.821 KB
pdf-fileTC Project Funding Request Form.pdf266 KB
pdf-fileTCJJB Community Assessment_28June2011_TriCounty.pdf1.290 KB
pdf-fileTCJJB StrategicPlan_Mar2012.pdf418 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County 2017 2018 Interim Budget (1).pdf9.064 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County 2017 2018 Interim Budget.pdf9.064 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County Animal Control Ordinance.pdf665 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County Audit Report Ending June 30, 2015.pdf764 KB
pdf-fileTorrance County NM Response to the NM State Auditors Examination Report From January 1 2007 through April 30 2012.pdf2.182 KB
docx-fileTorrance County Project Funding Request.docx18 KB