Welcome to Torrance County

"The Heart of New Mexico"

Located in Estancia, N.M. Torrance County is one of the most productive agricultural counties in the United States. Pinto beans, corn, alfalfa and pumpkins are just a small portion of the crops, which are harvested throughout the year.

Torrance County is also home to the beautiful Manzano Mountains, Salinas National Monument and vast open, undisturbed rangeland which farmers, ranchers, and wildlife call home.

Our Mission Statement

Torrance County is committed to effective, efficient and responsible public policy, excellent public service, courteous public contact, sensitivity to cultural beliefs and preservation of their heritage, providing quality services as required by law or mandated by the public, enhancing the health, safety and general well-being of the citizens of Torrance County and conducting county operations in a legal, ethical and fair manner.


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